With great sadness

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it is with great sadness that I even have to write this post on Mikey’s blog. On January 1st, Mikey’s Daddy passed away. He came down with pneumonia on Christmas Day and fought hard for a week at the hospital. Unfortunately his body was too weak and he ended up passing away at 7:10am on New Year’s Day.

This is one of the last pictures that I have of Mikey with his daddy. Taken a few days before Christmas. :(

We miss him dearly!

Time out’s aren’t just for kids!

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Boy did we learn a big lesson tonight, and that is that Mikey not only completely understands what a time out is but he also is willing to use it on one of us. The scene of events went like this. I was making dinner in the kitchen and Mikey was playing in the living room with daddy and for some reason daddy decided to play bite Mikey. Mikey kept yelling No Daddy No Daddy and Gary was laughing at him trying to entice him to come close to him. Picture Mikey in a corner afraid to get out of it because he might get bitten. Well I come out from the kitchen to see what all of the commotion was about and tell Mikey to tell daddy to not bite him and that daddy should go to time out for doing that. What came next surprised the both of us. Mikey went up to Gary, grabbed his hand, and walked him to the corner that we use for time outs. He then told Gary to sit down and walked away from him. At the end of the time out Mikey went back up to him for a hug like he has to give us at the end of his time outs. Amazing that at 2 years old he already understands what and how to use a time out.

Mikey’s 1st Dentist Visit :)

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Sooooooooo a few weeks ago Mikey got into an accident at daycare. He was riding a tricycle around the playground and another kid bumped into him. He hit his mouth on the bar of the trike and had a bad cut and bruise on his lower lip. It looked ugly but he healed and was fine.

Fast forward to a few days ago when Gary noticed one of Mikey’s top front teeth that looked discolored. I looked at it and couldn’t really tell. Well when I was at the pediatrician’s office on Monday to get his flu shots I had him on my lap and I start tickling him and he leaned back and was laughing so I got a good look into his mouth again and noticed that the back side of that tooth looked like it was bruised in a way. I googled “toddler bruise tooth” which was the wrong thing to do because I see baby root canal and damage to adult tooth and blah blah blah. So I stopped and said I’d take him to the dentist to find out for sure. I made an appointment for him with a GREAT pediatric dentist! I wanted a pediatric dentist because they’d make Mikey more comfortable since all they do is deal with kids all day long, and what a GREAT decision that was!!

I took him this morning and they were very nice to him. He was scared and cried while they gently cleaned his teeth, by the end he was whining and looking around, clearly not scared. They did an x-ray of his teeth to check out the root of the tooth in question and his adult teeth as well to make sure that it didn’t get damaged. He got fluoride paste put on his teeth too, and I was told to keep him on the fluoride free toothpaste until he’s 3.

The doc came in and looked over his teeth and looked at the x-ray and said that thankfully there was no nerve damage and his permanent teeth look good. She even showed me his adult teeth on the x-ray. *Sniff* My little man has adult teeth growing. :)

His tooth could possibly get darker, or if a capillary grows back it could start to lighten up again if it gets enough oxygen, but it isn’t a big deal and he’ll be fine just as long as he doesn’t get an infection or abscess which I need to look out for when I brush his teeth.

So overall a GREAT 1st visit. Now begins a lifetime of dentist visits every 6 months for my big kid.

Going to the Dentist!!!

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I was going to wait to get Mikey’s first real dentist visit until he was 3 because everything I read said to wait until then, but change of plans. A few weeks ago Mikey got into an accident at school where he was bumped when he was on a trike. He hurt his lip pretty bad, but it never occurred to me that he could have had damage to his teeth. Well the other day Gary pointed out that one of Mikey’s top teeth looked discolored. I looked at it but didn’t really notice it until when I had him on my lap and made him laugh my tickeling him and was able to see his teeth better and the backside of the tooth definitely looks discolored. Almost like the tooth is bruised. I did what I normally do and that is pull up google and see what I could find. Let’s just say you really should stay away from self-diagnosing because you never pull up good news. I saw baby root canal and decided I’m not going to look it up anymore. I’ll take him to a dentist and let them tell me what is wrong and if there is anything to worry about. So his first appointment is tomorrow morning with a pediatric dentist. I’m hoping he’ll do well with having a stranger look into his mouth. *crossing fingers* I tell you its always something!

Christmas is in the air

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Yesterday afternoon I came home with a HUGE box containing our 9ft Christmas tree. Yeah you read that right, 9 feet!!!! The box has a picture of the tree on the side of the box with the tree all pretty and lit up. As soon as we brought the box in the house Mikey ran over to it, saw the tree and yelled out, Christmas Tree Yay! And started clapping. He was seriously excited about the tree :) I had NO idea that he knew that this specific tree was called a Christmas tree but apparently the sponge he is, he remembered from the trees we saw last week at Disney. Every time we saw a HUGE tree we’d stop and look at them and I called them Christmas Trees, so he remembered ;)

Big Boy Mike

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After our last Disney trip where Mikey slept in his own bed with bedrails we realized that maybe just maybe he was ready for the big boy bed at home. We had ordered bed rails for our crib but once I opened the box I realized I did indeed order bed rails but its to make it a full size bed, not a toddler bed. So I had to go back to Babies R Us and order the toddler conversion kit which all that is is a small bed rail for the front of the crib. Well that piece arrived last Thursday and I went to pick it up during my lunch break on Friday. Brought it home and installed it super quickly. It was THAT easy!

I was so excited to get Mikey home that afternoon so that he could see his new bed. He was SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited when he saw it. He immediately climbed into bed and hung out in bed for a good 10 minutes. Of course as soon as I go to get my camera to snap a pic he gets up. Go figure! The true test was bed time that night, I was totally prepared for a battle. That’s mainly why I insisted on starting the transition on a Friday because at least I’d have the entire weekend to work with him. Well he completely surprised me, he climbed into bed and laid down with no issues. He stayed asleep the entire night too.

The next morning I heard him stirring in bed over the monitor, yes I still use the monitor! I then heard a loud noise and thought for sure he got out of his room. So I got up to see where he was. He was still in his room and still in bed. He had NO desire to get out of bed either and the only way I could coax him out was with telling him I’d get him some milk. :)

The rest of the weekend went fabulously too. I hope none of this is a fluke and that he was truly ready to be transitioned to the toddler bed. I’m so proud of my big boy.

Mikey is 2!!!

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Our not so little newborn is now a full fledged toddler! With the full on terrible two’s to go along with it too. :)

We had a very low key birthday for Mikey this year because daddy was still not feeling so well from his last round of chemo. We ended up celebrating a week late at Disney and had a GREAT time there.

Yesterday I took Mikey to the pediatrician for his 2 year appointment. Well my not so little guy is weighing in at 30lbs and is 34in tall. He was weighed AND measured on a normal scale not the way a baby gets weighed and measured *sniff*

He had bloodwork to check his hemoglobin and lead levels. He didn’t cry at the prick at all! Doc didn’t think there was a need to check cholesterol yet since at his age they’d recommend dietary changed anyways. The doc also usually recommends against the flu shot but said that even this year he got one for the first time since it’ll hit more young people than before. I went ahead and got Mikey vaccinated since they has the preservative free vaccine and since I got vaccinated because of his daddy’s compromised immune system.

I also asked about milk and he wanted us to stay on whole milk until he is 3 because it’s good for brain development. Even though he said his weight is high for his height he wasn’t worried enough to switch him to a lower fat milk. I’m in no rush to make the switch.

After our trip this past weekend we decided that we will be converting Mikey’s crib to a toddler bed this weekend since instead of sleeping in his peapod at the hotel we had him sleep in the bed next to us with bed rails. He did fantastic in such a large bed so he should do pretty good in a smaller bed. Guess we’ll see. ;)

My two favorite words

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Mikey has been talking A LOT lately. But nothing can ever top him saying mommy and daddy. Everytime he says it my heart just melts. Ok maybe when he says I love You I’ll change my opinion ;)

He’s been in a total daddy kick lately too so there are times when he’ll go ‘Hi Daddy’ over and over to Gary. And everytime I give him his nightly vitamin after dinner he always turns and asks daddy if he wants it.

I love this kid!

It’s Picture Day!

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*Sniff* My big boy has school pictures today. Last year he had school pictures but he was barely 1 and wasn’t really interested in smiling for the camera much. They got a slight grin on his face. This year, he’s all decked out in the cutest outfit I could find that would compliment his eyes. As daddy would say it’ll make his eyes pop! :)

Here’s a picture of him all decked out eating his breakfast at daycare. He was the only kid all dressed up when I dropped him off this morning. Glad that the teachers were willing to change him afterwards because its WAY too hot down here for him to stay in that outfit all day long.

Here’s our big boy:
Dressed up for Picture Day

Let’s Light the Night Ft. Lauderdale!!!

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I’m copy and pasting this from my blog because it can’t hurt to get even more readers to see this :)

Yesterday I happened upon the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society webpage as I do every once in awhile. I happened to see actress/comedian, Tina Fey’s, name and decided to look into it. Well apparently she’s the 2009 Light the Night Walk National Spokesperson. Pretty cool. I watcher her video and got chills throughout my body when she said “Cancer. It’s a dark word. When it’s directed at you or a loved one, it can turn your world upside-down…”. I couldn’t have said it better myself because I do believe that it has turned our world upside-down.

After watching the video I decided to create a team in hopes of bringing together the family and friends that have been by our side throughout this entire god-awful journey. So Team Gary’s Guardian Angels was born.

I’m excited to get everyone to walk along Gary and me this November. By then he should be done with chemo and will be on the mend and what a better way to show cancer that we kicked it in its ass than to get a large group of people to show cancer that we did it together!

Oh and here’s the video that gave me the push I needed to start up our team:

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